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The Gardens at East Mountain Launches Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

The Gardens at East Mountain Launches Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Pennsylvania rehabilitation facility, The Gardens at East Mountain, has announced the launch of an innovative new Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program to treat high-risk pulmonary patients. The addition of the program makes The Gardens at East Mountain the first Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) in the Northeast to offer this type of advanced treatment.

In Partnership with O2 Safe Solutions, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is designed to both improve outcomes and decrease hospital re-admissions of patients with pulmonary disease disorders, including those suffering from COPD, emphysema, atelectasis, thoracic surgery, asthma, chronic bronchitis, respiratory failure, pneumonia and CHF. A licensed respiratory therapist is onsite throughout the week to assess, monitor, treat, and educate patients. Key elements of the program include:

  • Patient Education
  • Clinical Activates
  • Physical Exercise Training
  • Phyosocial Intervention
  • Nutrition Assessment and Intervention
  • Outcome Assessment

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program comes as an innovative approach to Pulmonary treatment in the SNF industry. “It’s a game-changer,” says Gary Malia, NHA, Administrator at the East Mountain about the service, “We’re providing a much needed and expanded service to a community of patients that – until now – have had limited treatment options.”

In addition, the program takes a holistic approach to therapy treatment. “Our pulmonary program focuses on three core areas of development,” says Michelle Woods, the program’s Certified Respiratory Therapist: “exercise, education and support, this approach not only helps our patients learn to breathe – and function – at the highest level possible, but our patients also learn to manage their Pulmonary condition; empowering them stay healthy and active long after completing the program.”

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