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Success Story: Chester

One cold January morning, Chester was on his way out to get breakfast for himself and his wife. While walking to his car, Chester slipped and fell on a patch of ice; resulting in a fractured right tibia and fibula.

Chester’s injuries required surgery to repair the fractures. The doctors ordered that he maintain non-weight bearing to his right leg for 12 weeks. It was mid-February when Chester arrived at The Gardens at East Mountain to begin his rehab.

At first, Chester required assistance to safely stand and had been only able to walk 25 feet with a rolling walker and assistance from a therapist; stairs where out of the question due to the weight bearing restrictions. Because Chester had a full flight of stairs at home, he remained at The Gardens at East Mountain while waiting for clearance from his orthopedic.

In April, Chester had his follow up orthopedic appointment where he received the much awaited upgraded status, weight bearing as tolerated, to his right leg. Chester immediately began to focus on walking and stair climbing. Within 2 weeks, Chester was walking 750 feet with a straight cane! He also gained the ability to walk outdoors on uneven surfaces/ramps with a cane and had completed 15 stairs with one rail and his cane!

By the time May came around, Chester has been discharged was back home with his wife – just in time to enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

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