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Success Story: Frances

Frances Daniels, 82, came to The Gardens at Stroud upon being discharged from the hospital. When she arrived, Frances was completely dependent with assistance required for all self-care, transfers, ambulation needs. Fracnes was unable to feed herself, had decreased strength throughout her body and required a special geri chair for proper positioning and comfort.

Working with Frances, our physical therapy team developed a tailored rehabilitation plan with strategic objectives – our goal was to help Frances regain her independence so she could return home to her beloved daughter.

Frances’ never quit! Within a couple of weeks she was able to complete transfers with just a contact guard assist as well as ambulate 170 feet with a rolling walker and contact guard assist. In addition, upon discharge, Frances was able to independently feed herself, and fulfill all dressing tasks, both upper and lower body with stand by assistance!

When speaking to Frances about her stay with us, she expressed delight with the care she has received and recognized all she was able to accomplish with the help and encouragement of her therapist team.

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