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Success Story: Marvin

When Marvin Jayma was admitted to The Gardens at Wyoming Valley he was in a lot of pain felt discouraged and believed he would never walk again. We encouraged him to take one day at a time and assured him he was in good hands as we would treat him as we would our very own family member.  As he gained the trust of our nursing and therapy staff he became more and more determined to meet the goals designed by our team approach.

Upon evaluation by therapy, Marvin was dependent with gait and transfers. He had reported a 10 out of 10 pain rating in his right hip. He required maximal assistance for bed mobility and all activities of daily living.

As the days went by Marvin worked with our therapy team on goals designed for his individual needs.  He began to get stronger and his positive attitude and perseverance was evident.  Marvin stated that there were days he felt weak and tired and after receiving encouragement from Andy, his therapist, and other team members he pushed through reaching and exceeding each goal set. Marvin started seeing that the trust he placed with his therapy team would allow him to regain his strength and balance walking.

After completing a successful therapy program, Marvin was able to complete all aspects of care independently and reported a 0 out of 10 pain rating in his right hip.

Upon discharge Marvin expressed that he would be returning to his home with confidence, that he would be enjoying his life again and that it would be filled with activities he enjoyed so much. He credits, ”getting his life back”,  to the dedication, master skills and trustful bond he developed with the physical therapists, occupational therapists and nursing staff at The Gardens at Wyoming Valley!

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