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Success Story: Bernice

Bernice, 87, came to Barre Gardens upon being discharged from the hospital and seeking Long Term Care. Bernice relied on a wheelchair for mobility and had not walked in a “very long time”. In addition, she required assistance for meal prep and other activities of daily living (ADL).

For six weeks our physical and occupational therapy teams worked with Bernice; they developed a tailored rehabilitation plan with strategic objectives – our goal was to help Bernice regain her independence so she could, in fact, return home!

We were all amazed at her progress, most of all, Bernice! With renewed confidence, Bernice now felt fully prepared to return home. Upon discharge, Bernice was walking 150 feet with just a walker and was  now also able to independently dress, bathe and prep her meals.

Two weeks later, on a follow-up call, Bernice how happy she was to be home, how she never thought that it would be possible, and proudly shared how she can now make her own tea and “not spill a drop!

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