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Success Story: Dean

Walking the Walk…

A proud military man with a wonderful sense of humor – Dean Clark, 81, had undergone surgery to repair a significant tear to his rotary cuff muscle. Following the procedure, Dean ended up back in the hospital due to severe pain and swelling in both feet. Enter Chicopee Gardens…

Working with Dean, our occupational and physical therapy teams developed a tailored recovery plan with strategic rehab objectives – our goal was to help Dean regain his independence so he could return home.

When Dean began therapy, he was unable to take a single step and required use of a mechanical lift to get out of bed. Tapping into his inner Marine, Dean inspired us all with his unwavering determination and grit. Five weeks later, Dean was making rounds up and down the halls with just the aid of a walker!

In addition, Dean was now able to care for all his self-care needs, he even planned a delicious spaghetti meal (pictured) which he made during his very last OT session to share with the therapists and friends who helped him along his successful rehab journey. Way to go Dean!

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