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Success Story: Kevin*

Kevin*, 36, came to Neptune Gardens having been diagnosed with Eagle-Barret (also known as Prune Belly Syndrome), a rare, genetic birth defect. It is a congenital disorder of the urinary system characterized by a triad of symptoms, including cryptorchidism, abdominal wall deficits, and genitourinary deficits. In addition, Kevin presented with end stage renal disease with two failed kidney replacements and on dialysis since the age of 21, aortic insufficiency, hypertension, osteopenia due to chronic steroid use, bilateral hip replacements, and he was receiving peritoneal dialysis.

One day, Kevin experienced a fall at home.  The accident resulted in extensive fractures. Kevin had a left distal humerus fracture, right proximal humerus, right radial neck fracture, right periprosthetic femur fracture, right tibia fibia fracture, and left humeral fracture.  He had ORIFs of the right femur, and bilateral humerus. Kevin  was bed bound, fed via feeding tube, and intubated after becoming hypoxic. The progress had been made complicated by multiple re-hospitalizations for a variety of reasons, as he awaited aortic valve replacement surgery.

Upon admission to Neptune Gardens, Kevin experienced severe pain and was bed bound for approximately four months due to non-weight bearing status on all four extremities. Kevin worked with occupational therapy, using long handled utensils, to self feed and worked with physical therapy for range of motion and sitting.

Within this month, Kevin was ready and able to visit his brother’s home for a visit with his family, and he was able to attend a concert with his friends. Despite his medical complications and often not feeling well, Kevin has made significant strides and hopes to return home one day.

*Name changed to protect resident’s identity. Photos shared with permission.

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