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Success Story: Catherine

Catherine Barone, 80, came to The Gardens at Stroud suffering from COPD and muscle weakness.

Upon admission, Catherine required maximum assistance for all transfers and could only ambulate 10 feet with a rolling walker along with moderate assistance from the therapist. In addition, Catherine required maximum assistance with all self-care tasks, including toileting.

Catherine was determined to get stronger to allow herself to ambulate to the bathroom and complete her toileting task with supervision.

Working with Catherine, our therapy teams developed a comprehensive rehabilitation plan with attainable strategic objectives.

In short time, Catherine had achieved her therapy goal! Catherine now ambulates 100 feet with the rolling walker and supervision and is able to transfer to the bathroom and complete her toileting tasks with supervision.

Catherine is thrilled with the care she has received at the Gardens of Stroud and is grateful to the therapy personnel for getting her back on her feet!

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