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Success Story: Carl

Back in December, Carl Steager lost his dear wife of over 50 years. Shortly after, at a time when things appeared like they couldn’t get any worse, Carl was involved in a motor vehicle accident on his way home from work and was hospitalized.

Carl came to The Gardens at Gettysburg having been discharged from the hospital and in need of rehabilitation, specifically pertaining to strengthening. Upon admission, Carl required the use of a walker with supervision and had difficulty remembering where he was.

Working with Carl, our therapy teams developed a recovery plan to Carl regain his strength and memory so he could return home.

Following a couple of weeks of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Carl could be seen ambulating throughout the facility independently without a walker! He would enjoy socializing with others and even reading independently. He returned home very happily with the hopes of returning to work!

In short time, Robert had achieved his therapy goals and together we’ve made his dream of returning home a reality!

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