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The Gardens at West Shore Partners with SEIU, Conducts Mental Health First Aid Training for Nursing Staff

March 20, 2019 – Nursing staff at The Gardens at West Shore recently completed Mental Health First Aid training. The 8-hour course, accredited through The National Council for Behavioral Health, provides trainees with the skills to assist residents who may be developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. In addition, trainees are introduced to risk factors and warning signs for mental health or substance use problems, engage in experiential activities that build understanding of the impact of illness on individuals and families. Topics covered include depression and mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, psychosis and substance use disorders.

Mental Health First Aid training equips our staff with the necessary skills to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health challenges in the residents we serve while providing the empathy and social skills they need when serving our residents.” Says Beverly Fry, Administrator, adding, “We were stunned by the response of the training; it exceeded our expectations by great measure.”

The course is the latest initiative of a joint partnership between the The Gardens at West Shore and the SEIU Training and Education Fund. “The needs of residents are changing and hospitals are referring more patients with psych needs”, says Tara Toms, Career Pathway Project Director & Program Specialist at The Training & Education Fund. Staff at participating facilities, such as The Gardens at West Shore, are taking the initiative to gain more relevant skills; driven by the desire to provide the best possible care to their residents.”

“This is just another way in which The Gardens at West Shore is working with The Training Fund and SEIU Union to provide opportunities for career advancement.” Explains, Ms. Toms, adding, “Working hand in hand, we are offering professional upgrades, certifications, and tuition funding so that employees can “earn and learn” their way to higher level degrees.”

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