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Success Story: Caroline

Caroline, 47 year came to Barre Gardens suffering from a severe chronic ulcer on her left heel and mid foot and was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis, an infection of the bone. In addition, Caroline had been experiencing muscle weakness.

Upon admission, Caroline was non-weight bearing and on IV antibiotics. She required assistance to transfer to a wheelchair and to perform ADLs and after a couple of weeks she was independent with transfers.

Caroline learned to use a knee walker and was able to walk 100+ feet! As part of her rehab, Caroline, loved to bake! You could smell the fresh cake and bread way down the hall. The Administrator was always 1st to try out the goodies. Caroline always made enough to share with nursing staff and her roommate. She even learned Suduko to keep herself sharp and pass time.

After 67 days Caroline finally reached her goal and became weight-bearing!

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