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Success Story: Debra

Debra collapsed at home in her driveway of a Cardiac Arrest. Luckily a neighbor who happened to be driving by witnessed what had happened and called 911. First responders shocked Debra 8 times before she came back to life. Ironically one of the EMTs who saved her life had been trained by her when she previously had been working as an EMT.

No one was sure if Debra would survive the Heart Attack or if she did, what cognitive damages she would have. It was determined that Debra would require Coronary Artery Bypass surgery as well as several additional other procedures. Following surgery, Debra was kept in intensive care for 30 days before she came to Barre Gardens for rehabilitation.

Debra experienced sternal pain and was deconditioned post-surgery. Debra longed for her independence and was determined to be able to fly to Seattle to live with family once cleared by her doctor.

While at Barre Gardens Debra worked with our Physical and Occupational Therapy teams with regard to pain control, ambulation, endurance, ADL’s and conquering the stairs. In addition, Debra learned to prepare her own meals and sternal precautions.

Following her discharge, Debra was proudly able to walk the length of the Mall with her family. She was in Barre Gardens for 20 days and was able to achieve her goals and return to live with family!


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