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Success Story: Mike

Mike, 74, presented to the Emergency Department after sustaining a fall at home resulting in an anterior-superior acetabular fracture which extended into the right iliac bone decompressing into the right sacroiliac joint with a nondisplaced fracture of the right inferior pubic ramus. Mike was placed on right lower extremity foot flat weight bearing precautions.

Upon arriving at Gardens at East Mountain Mike was evaluated by Physical and Occupational Therapy teams and found to have significant self care and functional mobility deficits secondary to RLE pain and limitations of weight bearing status. Mike required total dependence for all self-care, bed mobility and transfers. In addition, he was non-ambulatory and required use of a mechanical lift.

Our Physical and Occupational Therapy teams focused on both upper and lower extremity strengthening programs as well as stand tolerance while maintaining weight bearing precautions which progressed to performing transfers and ambulation with initiation of self-care tasks. He had difficulty maintaining his weight bearing throughout his therapy stay.

In short time, Mike was progressed to weight bearing as tolerated to right lower extremity and initiated stair climbing with physical therapy.  Upon Discharge from the Gardens, Mike is now able to perform all self-care with supervision and transfers with stand by assist.  He is walking 200 feet with a Rolling Walker and stand by assist with the ability to negotiate 4 steps with contact guard assist.

Mike is a personality we will never forget at The Gardens; we are going to miss Mike saying “coming out “whenever he propelled out of a doorway.  He is now back home with his son enjoying the nice weather. We will miss you Mike.

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