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Success Story: Robert

Robert came to Barre Gardens with a diagnosis of COPD Muscle Weakness, post op Bowel obstruction. Robert had an above the knee amputation many years earlier. He lived at home with his wife, and was independent with all his care, used a power wheelchair and drove his own van.

Upon admission he was extremely weak and deconditioned. Robert was significantly fatigued with the easy task of feeding, washing his face or sitting upright.  He was unable to safely transfer or use his powerchair which upset him tremendously.

He was sent back to Hospital for hydration, at the time family was considering Comfort Care.

Robert returned to Barre Gardens and improved every day. After a week of hard dedicated work with Therapy, he was able to transfer and drive his power chair safely! (Which made him very happy) Robert could self-feed, dress self, bath and get on and off the toilet with limited assistance.

Robert returned home with his wife with a much brighter outlook on life, within under 2 weeks.

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