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Therapy Success Story

Carol was referred to Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy following recent hospitalization for anemia, kidney failure and continued weakness, impaired functional mobility, and balance. Patient reports she was living with grandson for past two years, receiving home health aides for care a few hours each day. Prior to her admission here, Carol utilized a mechanical lift to transfer in and out of her bed, and she was dependent for all activities of daily living.

Carol has a past medical history of recurrent angina, recent cardiac catheterization, severe R CAD, history of myocardial infarction, anemia, bilateral shoulder pain secondary to arthritis, CKD, pulmonary hypertension, DM type 2, old CVA, h/o breast CA, HTN, and gastroparesis.

Upon Carol’s discharge back to her home, Carol was able to walk 25 feet with a rolling walker and transfer from her bed to her wheel chair to a bedside commode with contact guard assistance. She was also able to assist with her hygiene and sit unassisted for 15 minutes.

Carol was an eager and active participant in skilled therapy for the duration of her stay at Neptune Gardens. She did not always like therapy, but in the end, it payed off!!!

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