Success Story: Sandra

Sandra O’Neal came to The Gardens of Orangeville having been experiencing physical weakness. Sandra was in pain and had difficulty performing simple tasks such as self-feeding and walking.

Sandra and her therapy team developed a plan to restore her strength, ambulation, and ability to complete ADLs. In short time, with self-determination, Sandra was able to return to return home. Upon discharge, Sandra was able to walk, complete upper body care, and required some assist with lower body care.

Before leaving the facility, Sandra thanked the staff, saying, “I want to thank the PT and OT departments here at The Gardens of Orangeville for getting me to where I am today. A few months ago I could not able to walk or feed myself. I now can do both. Without your help I would not be where I am today. The entire staff here has helped me a lot.”

Success Story: Ron

I came to The Gardens at Blue Ridge having fractured my knee. When I first got here, I was in so much pain, I was in tears! But once I began therapy that all started to change. There I met a young lady named Karla, she was my PT Instructor. Karla became my best friend at the facility. Each day, she talked me through the therapy. At times, when I felt like giving up, she was there by my side to encourage me. Karla (and Brenda!) believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself – for that I am especially grateful!

The entire therapy staff was patient with me during this challenging period and as time went on, things became easier and easier. I eventually began to accomplish things I thought I’d never be able to do again! For example, the stairs were my biggest fear! But with each climb the physical therapy team was there to talk me through it.

When the time came to prepare for discharge, Carrie and Dan stepped in to help facilitate my transition home – it was happening!

Thanks to the therapy team, we did it! WE DID IT!!!

I’d like to recognize the following therapists for exceptional work and helping me get to this point!

Karla, Carrie, Brenda, Dan, Laura, Eric, and Donny. I will miss everybody!

         – Ron McGee

Success Story: Lois

Lois Grant had been living at home alone up until her recent hospitalization. Lois lived in the neighborhood, just down the block from our facility and so when her health declined, she turned to the therapy team at The Mansion for rehabilitation services.

Lois received comprehensive physical and occupational therapy to increase her safety, strength, and endurance with household tasks. Her goal was to return home safely and independently.

In just 3 weeks time, Lois was able to reach her prior level of function and return to her home down the street. Upon discharge, Lois expressed her gratitude the the therapy staff, and added, “One thing that is important for me is that the people who work here are personal and fantastic to me.  I’ve never been exposed to this level of kindness!”

Success Story: William

William Hoyt came to The Gardens of Easton after being hospitalized with pneumonia and failure to thrive. Upon arrival, William was deconditioned and had difficulty:

  • Getting in/out of bed: Required 25% assistance
  • Walking: Required 25% assistance; up to 100 feet with rolling walker; was a high risk for falls
  • Climbing stairs: Unable to perform
  • Wash and dress self: Required 75% assistance
  • Eating and swallowing regular texture foods; was at risk for aspiration pneumonia

Working with our therapy teams, William’s goals was to regain his strength so that he could return home and regain his independence! In less than a month of intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy, William was now able to:

  • Get in/out of bed and stand up from both a bed and chair with independence
  • Walk with a rolling walker more than 300 feet with independence
  • Walk up and down more than 15 steps with modified independence (use of a rail only)
  • Wash and dress himself with independence
  • Low fall risk when standing and walking
  • Ability to eat and swallow regular texture meals without signs/symptoms of aspiration

William demonstrated hard work, determination, perseverance, and commitment daily to achieve his goals. With strong therapy support, William has now reached his goals is set to return home. Our team is excited to congratulate William for his tremendous achievements here at The Gardens at Easton!